Acquisition of a Bruker SMART 100 C was made possible through the generosity of the Welch Foundation and Rice University.

The facility is available to serve universities and colleges throughout the state of Texas, including but not limited to Austin College, Midwestern State University, Rice, SMU, TCU, Texas A & M at Commerce, Texas Tech, Texas Women's University, Trinity University, UNT, UTA, UTD, and UTEP. Expansion of the number of schools served by the facility is an ongoing process.
User Groups
  • A primary group of users are research oriented faculty, post doctoral fellows, and graduate students.
    • The Rice instrument can enhance the use of crystallography in many research programs by enabling data collection on samples that are too small, weak, or unstable. This category includes chemists at Texas Tech, TCU, SMU, UTEP, and UTA.
    • For scientists who have had regular access to X-ray capabilities, the Rice facility can be the primary source of data. Users in this group include UNT and UTD.
    • A third group of users consists of scientists who have not previously had ready access to crystallographic facilities. This group includes users at TWU, Trinity University, Midwestern State University, and several other Texas educational institutions.
  • Another group includes educational users at the undergraduate level.
  • The instrument is also available for industrial use.
Please contact the Rice Shared Equipment Authority for information on the use of this equipment.

Shared Equipment Authority
The Bruker SMART 1000 CCD System allows rapid collection of data on crystals that were previously considered to be too small or of very poor quality. The speed of data collection is dramatically increased, with data collection averaging six hours.
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