The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management offers the MBA degree and joint MBA / ME and MBA / MD degrees. The MBA program has the distinction of being one of the few programs that require students to take a course in entrepreneurship. However, no entrepreneurship management classes are available to non-MBA students.

The Weiss School of Natural Science and the George R. Brown School of Engineering offer an extensive curriculum in engineering and science. Students graduating from these programs are extremely well grounded in their technical field of specialization. Unfortunately, these students have no access to managerial concepts associated with new venture creation despite their strong interests in this area.

The Entrepreneurial Management courses focus on providing an introduction to entrepreneurship for technical students at Rice University. The program consists of two courses held sequentially within an academic year. The courses are to be team taught in modular format by management faculty, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial service providers.

Examples of topics that will be covered include opportunity recognition, entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurial marketing and intellectual property. All the material covered will be in the context of new ventures. A key component of the program is a detailed examination of an actual technological innovation. This project provides the important link between the course materials and the practice of entrepreneurship.


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The Board of Directors of the Coleman Foundation granted an Entrepreneurship Awareness and Education grant to be used for the development of this program. We wish to thank the Coleman Foundation for their generous support.


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