One-Lap-Of-America: Thoughts and Issues




2 x car

Donation from car dealer.

  • Not required to be the same but would help.
  • Manual a preference.
  • High mileage OK.
  • Comfortable – 4 person per car.
  • Space for tools/parts.
  • A/c a must
  • Get a service prior to delivery


Parts – from dealer or supplier or sponsor.

  • Replace belts.
  • Replace filters K&N.
  • Simple performance modifications?
  • Reliability is the key.
  • Do not want to have to completely rebuild.
  • Check clutch

Entrance fee

ca. $2000 each –

  • Need sponsorship – cash
  • Could use different sponsor for each car.


ca. $100 each – need 2 sets ($800 - $1000)

  • Have to purcahse from Tire-Rack .
  • Will need additional sets for practice and testing.
  • May be able to approach Dunlop, Goodyear or Yokahama for free ones


Donation from pad supplier – I have contacts at the following: Porterfield, CarboTech, Hawk

  • Need at least 3 sets per car
  • 2x for event
  • Need to test different types
  • Need to replace all brake lines
  • Need to check discs



  • Stiffer springs
  • May not need to replace shocks.
  • Lower car.
  • Make front and rear suspension braces.


Donation or re-condition

  • Need to make sure straight
  • Need to check for cracks
  • Alloy better than steel


I have everything we will need

  • Jacks
  • Wrench, sockets
  • Tire pressure gauges etc.


I have these

  • Car to car
  • Car to team (at track)
  • Need to install aeriels  in the cars (I have these)


$200 - $400 per

Can get discount or cost from ProAm

  • Need to have for everyone who will race on track or autocross.
  • Will need radio in each helmet.


Collision Plus or similar

  • Suggest only if needed prior to the event.
  • Rest done in decals


Fastsigns – I know one store that may give us free decals

  • Rice Owl (with race helmet – similar to Football Team)
  • Numbers
  • Sponsors – provide their own decals.
  • Get some art/graphics student to design patterns.


  • First Community Bank
  • Modulan (they do cable for campus – incl. A&M)
  • ProAm
  • $1500
  • ? (expect $1500 - $2000)
  • Will give us $100 for every $100 spent.

Suggest to each that they are sponsoring a specific part (entry fee, tires, fuel, food, etc.)

Oil and fluids

Need to contact major oil company in Houston. Get $x of free fluids. Need enough for 2 oil changes per car during event, and at least 3 per car prior to the event

  • BP – they own Castrol
  • Exxon/Mobil – Mobil 1 etc.

Gas (petrol)

Approx. $1000. Need to contact major oil company in Houston.

Suggest get a gas card and no bill at the end.


Donation or raise $ or on a use or return.

  • Light bulbs
  • Oil filters
  • All belts
  • All hoses
  • Spark plugs
  • Bushings


Borrow equipment from Rice or donations

  • In car and external
  • Used for web site or local TV coverage each night.


  • Sponsorship – contact Landry’s or similar for vouchers.
  • Alternative is via other colleges or car clubs.

4 people per car, 6 days, 3 meals a day.


Depending on the make of car(s) join the appropriate car club and get manpower and help.

Autocross testing

$20 per day per driver

SCCA or Porsche Club or BMW – may get waiver of fees for some events.

Track day testing

Very expensive – need a sponsor

Possibly Ferrari of Houston so that we can go to the track when they test their cars


Magazine/Newspaper coverage

  • Thresher
  • Rice News
  • Sallyport
  • SCCA local magazine since I am a member and good friends with Editor.
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Get help from press office
  • Depending on the car(s) contact the owner club magazine.


Local TV coverage

  • I have contacts at each of the local news stations.
  • This would help the dealer with their donation.


Contact wireless company

  • Need cell service.
  • Also need web up-link


2 (1 for each car). Contact HP through their University relations.

For writing log and down-loading pictures. Also digital camera. They can be then used by the Club, other Rice clubs, or Mudd after the event.


Need place to sleep – shower for each night

Contact local University/College and use dorm rooms.

Crew clothes

  • Donation of items + printing.
  • Suggest we sell them as well to raise $.
  • T-shirts or ‘golf’ shirts.
  • Would give “team” an identity.
  • Sponsors names on shirts.

Storage for car

Donate space

I have a lift in my garage for working on the cars.


Donation or short term $1000

  • Each driver must be insured.
  • Your normal insurance should be OK.
  • Need to check liability.


Donation from in-car store

  • Need MP3 since this saves space.
  • CD w. changer at worse.


AAA or donation from in-car store

  • GPS would be better than maps
  • If not will need detailed maps. AAA


Make or donations

  • Remove all surplus equipment and trim
  • Possibly put in a roll cage.
  • Fire system (donation)
  • Electrical cut-off switch
  • Fuel lines replace and re-route.


Donation from local shop

After delivery and prior to event.


Will need to raise $

  • Need state tax and inspection.
  • Are cars tax exempt if Rice owned?

Web site

Do ourselves

  • Need to show how things are going
  • Have to have links for sponsors
  • Need a way for sponsors to contact us.

PDF version